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it's really heavy and the walk is long


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You can only fit so many words in a post card

    only so many in a phone call only so many into space

                            before you forget that words are sometimes used for things other than filling emptiness 


I'm in love with cities I've never been to,
and people I've never met.
"I'm not afraid of questions
by any means,
but I have no answers."

what iv'e learned
Sometimes happiness
Slips its self over you
Like a freshly washed sheet.
It is so light and soft
That you can’t feel it
Trying to seep in to every one
 Of your pores.
Happiness is not served on a silver platter,
It is not packaged in a tiny box with a bow.
It does not always feel
Like sun on your back
And smell
Like flowers.
You may never realize that it was there
Until you find yourself searching for it again.
Happiness is tucked away in the corners of everything beautiful.
It hides between the dusty strings of an old guitar,
In the creases of maps that depict all the places you have yet to see,
And in the little rays of sun that peak through the trees and then vanish.
It is slipped into the dreams of the open-minded,
Nestled between the kind words of a stranger,
And is seeping between pages of a good story.
Happiness is resting in the attic eaves of your mind,
It is twirled around memories,
Strewn across bridges
And road sides
And grassy hills
That you forgot to notice while you were diving past.
Happiness is not something that you can go looking for.
It will simply reveal itself to you if you let it,
And you will see
That it has been there all along.
Happiness is not anything that you can purchase
Even at the most remote street market,
In a town that isn't plotted on any map.
It is simply a feeling that every person has within themselves,
But may neglect to notice,
Like a child on Christmas Eve,
For the permission to be let out of its cage

I don't think I love
very many things but
here are the ones I
can think of:

I love the first sip
of coffee in the morning

I love reading someone
else's words and finding
a connection in them

I love the feeling a
good song invokes

I love wondering

I love driving at night
with no destination

I love the gentle kind
of sadness like a reminder
that I can feel

-Marianna Paige


and my pulse                   goes off the charts
whe i  can  see   you  on  the  streets.
i   know   you               ripped  my   life   apart
but       you       won't  get         what's  left  o me.
I didn't know i was lonely 'til i  saw your face
i didn't know i was broken 'til i wanted to change.

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I remember when I lost my mind.
even your emotions have an echo in so much space.

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to forget.


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