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Failure*'s Favorite Quotes

I need someone to tell me 
if he's moving too fast. 
I just got out of fast moving 
I can't be caught up 
making the same 

as I take your hand and
lead you to the dance floor,
as the Music dies something in your eyes
Calls to mind the Silver screen and
all it's Sad Goodbyes...



i'm one of those people that can't let
go.if i've had fun with you once, i will
text you on your birthday for at least
the next five years. if we were friends in
elementary school and haven't talked 
since, i guarantee i still know your
mom's name and your favorite
crushes never go away, they just fade. i
still tell stories about great times with 
people i haven't seen in years. if you
turn down my offer to get drinks and
catch up ten times, i promise i will still
ask an 11th time. if we fight and you
block me, i will find a way to check in
on you anyway to make sure you're 
okay. so if i give up on you, just know
that you damn well deserved it.
You deserve a relationship with
someone who doesn't leave you 
guessing where you stand with
burn your tongue on a cup of tea.
eat too much chocolate. cry for a
few hours, or cry for a few days. it's
okay to make mistakes and it's okay
to not be okay; you will always
learn how to heal.
sometimes i wonder
whether or not i'll
get bad again. and
whether or not i'll
get better again.
i was so sad and angry and tired and all i wanted was to be held but there was nothing but silence and four walls staring at me begrudgingly, saying "it shouldn't be like this, you didn't plan it like this, did you?" and i wanted to crawl into a hole but the floor was too cold so i stayed under the covers and dreamed that i was somewhere warm where none of my problems existed and it was like this that i finally learned how to survive on my own.
he told me years ago,
"But any guy who becomes interested in you
and doesn't notice your beautiful smile
isn't worth your time."
But I'm holding you closer than most
'cause you are my heaven
I am convinced that different people bring out different sides of you