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grownsimba 3 years ago
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desperado* 4 years ago
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It's just very old-fashioned thinking, it's what they grew up on, it doesn't mean it's right though. It's a generalization and I don't like it, but I have to respect them and their beliefs while I live at home. Today, my friend was joking during my mainly minority health class and saying "all these guys like you but you don't date any of them" and then called me a lesbian. I lost it and was like "sorry I don't wanna f.ck with any of these dumb white boys, sorry I like black d.ck" and the whole class heard... Had 4 guys slide into my DMs within an hour, it was hilarious. I ain't gonna date any of them, they're the low qual black guys but still. I only date the high qual ones ;)
I hate telling people my test scores. Don't ever ever ever feel bad and compare yourself to other scored. There's a perfect school out there for everyone, no matter your test score. I've always been in advanced courses and have been rigorously prepped for these tests since 8th grade based on the classes I've taken. Every district is different but mine puts a heavy emphasis on test prep. 21 is still an awesome score, anything above 50% is better than half the US population, and the average score is a 16! Keep in mind that the high scores are few and far in between, most end up getting 16s, 17s and 18s!