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Brony. :P, haha maybe.

 Dylan is the name, some people call me Dill Pickle (I dislike pickles and most of what socity has come to.)

 The "she" is FURY, or Kim. 

Rainbow  Dash 


 Jenna Marbles.

 I think I served Justice to my heroes. See ya.



Dylacorn's Favorite Quotes

The reason I'm funny is because
my life is a joke.

Why is it when guys take off their shirts in public, it's hot,
but when I take off my shirt in public everyone screams and runs away?
This quote does not exist.

Trying to calm a women down when shes upset  
is like trying to baptize a cat.

 "Grade 3 logic, you hate everyone until they have food you like."

 Me: My logic hasn't changed.

My quote

This quote does not exist.

 If you can't afford condoms,

 you can't afford kids.



           i offend everyone.

 I don't have "haters"

I have friends in denial. 



I love to sleep,
its like a time machine to breakfast