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hey there lovely person! I'm a girl from Cyprus. I'm 16. and^_^
I'm also bisexual, but am currently dating a guy. So ye! :D


Quotes by Dylan_Redfern

Remind me again why i still have feelings for you???????

I thought we wer forever
That we would never part..
But now here i am standing
Another girl with a broken heart...
Was our love just an illusion?
Filled with missunderstandings and confusion?
And yet if I'd go back to the beginning
I'd do the same thing from the start.
So just know that you'll forever
Have a place in my wounded heart... </3

by me xxx

Yes I've got a girlfriend..
and yes I'm a girl..
If you find that weird or gross?
Not my problem-f/ck you :)<3

so here i am..


just when i thought I'm special and that this would never happen
i guess thats too bad then



haha thought i was gonna say something? :P 
god..what is UP with the KEEP CALM stuff everywhere...-_-
hey :) is there any chance sum1 cud write a story involving lesbians? i know this is a bit odd..its jst that im a lez..nd i knw ther r other wittiers who are too...so its just an idea hehe :P id definitly read it :D
90% of people will marry their 7-12 grade crush since you read this you will be told good new tonight but if you don't re -post your worst week will start tomorrow sorry no chances!!!


Just out of interest...comment if youre gay, straight or bi....

Im bisexual/lesbian....prefer girls to guys but love my boyfriend...and have a fricken messed up life -_-

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