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Quotes by Eitak

To be your friend was all I ever wanted; to be your lover was all I ever dreamed.
― Valerie Lombardo
I'll take this knife and i'll end this life
liking someone who doesnt like you is like waiting for it to snow in a tropical rainforest
I'm an addict
addicted to this girl
She's got m
y heart tied in a knot
And my stomach
in a whirl
ut even worse
I can't
stop calling her
She's all I want and more
I mean da
What's not
to adore
Couldnt get over you
What was i suppsoed to do
Im stumpling over the chains on my heart
I cant stand us being apart 
I want you to see
What happens to me
When your gone
Listening to all theses songs
Just reminds me 
Your really gone
I miss you
  And the things we used to do
And every thing inside
Never comes out right 
Im hanging by a thread
You keep running through my head
Im sorry about the things I said 
If you love me, let me go
They say home is where the heart is So then would I be considered homeless I know I can do greatness Once I get through my weakness I'm down on my knees  Asking for forgiveness  But does he hear what I need to say When I'm in the worst part of my day Or does he simply whisper to me and say Give me patience and I will be here to stay You just go out there and be who you are today.
Every day is a new day 
L.F.E.O--Live For Each Other