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I love how I'm on Witty.

In school.

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Kenzie wants to leave Witty! I say we sign a petition saying she shouldn't! We all love Kenzie so much and I'm sure she helped you in SOME way! Spread the love!

What is love? #3

Spacing out during class thinking about him/her and being totally unprepared for when your teacher calls on you.

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What is love? #1

When all you can think about is them. All. The. Time.
Should i do a series?

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Christian. Christian, Christian, Christian. Hahahaha!
You're gonna regret f//cking with my heart
I'm not here to learn about One Direction. I already know enough about them. I'm not here to talk about how much we all like or don't like nutella. I'm not here to bring people down. I'm not here to discuss if I am with or against gay marriage. I'm not here to bring people down or tell them to kill themselves. I'm not here to watch people complain about the above
You know why I'm here?
I'm here to make inspiring quotes.
I'm here to vent (which I can't even do anymore).
I'm here to meet new people.
I'm here to make new friends.
I'm here to save lives.

Do you guys realize that there aren't even that many One Direction quotes anymore? Or people complaining about One Direction.

I know I haven't been here the longest, but I just want the fighting to stop! Witty is a community ment for helping and entertaining people.

So stop complaining and start making original quotes.
Start following the rules.


What is love? #1

When you talk to him/her and you stumble over your words 24/7

Should i do a series?

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When you have your period and all you want to do is eat nutella and chocolate and curl up in a little ball and listen to depressing songs and watch Disney movies and yeah.
My goal for the smmer is epically failing -.-