Status: I'm the chipped nail polish people mistaken as crackle on your thumb.
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Relax, darling. I've been coming out of my cage, and frankly, I've been doing just fine. ;)

Quotes by basorexia*

all i want to do is be a good friend.
a bunch of people want me to be successful, but it seems like i'm the only one that wants me to be happy.
i'm so mentally tired and the worst part is, i feel like i haven't accomplished enough of anything to have the right to feel this way.
oh, you think your claims are made of g o l d but deep d o w n everybody knows.
sometimes i forget that i matter too.
but that's okay, because when you love someone,
they matter much more than you.
Sometimes everything seems to move so fast I can't breathe,
but sometimes it just seems like the world paused and I'm just sitting there waiting.

maybe we were too similar. maybe we loved each other so much that we were like parallel lines, and we both know they can never meet.
You told me you were ready for a tropical storm,
but I accidentally gave you a hurricane.

My walls haven't gone down yet,
but I've repainted them so many times.

Unfortunately my school track team
doesn't include running away from my problems.