Status: I'm the chipped nail polish people mistaken as crackle on your thumb.
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Relax, darling. I've been coming out of my cage, and frankly, I've been doing just fine. ;)

Quotes by basorexia*

Life is like a chess game.
Play your pieces carefully,
or you could lose it all.
Where are you? Why don't you call? Why did you leave without saying goodbye?
No one else can make me feel 
the colors that you bring
You can shove a knife in your heart without dying,
but you can never take it out.
It took hundreds of years to build the Great Wall of China
but only a few seconds for the one around my heart.
I want answers, but I don't even know the questions.
Philophobia: the fear of falling in love.
Why not just say goodbye to the bad things?
sometimes i just want to start over.
I feel like life, chances, opportunities, dreams, they're all running past me
and I'm just standing here watching it all go by in a blur.
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