Status: I'm the chipped nail polish people mistaken as crackle on your thumb.
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Relax, darling. I've been coming out of my cage, and frankly, I've been doing just fine. ;)

Quotes by basorexia*

i swear the only thing motivating me to take notes are my colorful pens
so don't you dare take those away from me
school logic: have a day off? let's just give you 3x the homework, kay?
omgomgomg okay
go to starbucks and order a cappuccino
and tell them your name is latte.

i really want to try this.
I want to be the girl who the guy dreams of being her knight in shining armor.

What do rules, promises, and hearts have in common?
They're all meant to be b r o k e n.

that awkward moment when you're rocking out to a song
but there's an instrumental section
so you're just silent for a few seconds.
I think maybe the reason single people are always the one giving the relationship advice
is because they are not yet blinded by the 
mask we call love.
Maybe I just want to be alone because then,
nobody can hurt me.
It's okay, guys.
Because if you think about it, everything in the world that is extraordinary 
is really just extra ordinary.
When I was in third grade there was always this lunch lady I loved who would give me extra curly fries.
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