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hi im lame ._.

Hey there!
My name's Elissa. Let me warn you: don't scroll on this format, or it will get messed up.

Follow my blog and I will follow your Witty ;)


Visit my blog, Accidental Thoughts, please?

If you don't, I will personally track you down, reduce you to shreds, and make sure you die a very humiliating death. [insert evil laugher here]
If you ask me to read your story or quote, I will ;)
Anything worth reading is going to be in this box. Actually, nothing's worth reading here e.o

So I'm just this really random girl that has no idea what to put in this scroll box. Sad thing is I have no idea what a Twinkie is; I only know it's this legendary food item but I have never tried one--


My bff best frienemie forever's Witty is Cstarswirl (
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Quotes by Eli123qwe

                                    A last wish
                                                   The last words

                                                                And a candle's blown

[[But where the star hit the ground]]
                       //the pieces finally broke f r e e





Torn feelings, clouded thoughts


which /path/ to take?


Hesitation, dedication


Which choice to make?

B/r/o/k/e/n words, believing

>>Trust is at stake

Manipulation, d e l i b e r a t i o n

Which words are fake?

               Words so often  b e t r a y  us
                                 we say not what we d e s i r e
A beautiful thought lost              

                                                                                  as a wisp of smoke from a fire       

radadadadadadadad circus song I'm FeelingLucky»
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stalking someone's facebook page.

accidentally "likes" something.
(dun dun dunnnnnnnn)

                                  my sister (she's 8): why do you have to be a socially awkward penguin?

this is probably stupid but how do you delete history on firefox?

"There is no 'I' in happyness."

me: I'm so done here.
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