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decided to come back to witty(:

Quotes by Eliizabethhhxx

It's not getting any easier.

that awkward walk   
you do when you decide to be a rebel and walk  

across rocks with out wearing shoes.

Short and simple.
I  miss  you

They stole your format.. not your virginity
calm down there buddy. 

If you love your mom copy and paste this onto your next quote. One girl didnt repost it and her mom died 365 days later. Love you mommy<3

That awkward moment
when may 21 comes and the world doesn't end..

Who Else Played With The Google Homepage Today?(: 

That's my  Jam ♥
fav if you remember from that's so raven (;

Last night I was brushing my teeth, but I heard the dogs starting to bark. I went into the living room to see what it was, a tear rolled down my face, there he was. My dad in his army uniform standing at the door, I still had my tooth brush in my mouth, but i didn't care. I gave him the biggest hug in the world.
I love you daddy You're finally home. ♥