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Quotes by EllieGilbertRyan

I just saw a quote that said:
"This is my 69th quote.I laughed."
And it had 69 faves.
I laughed harder.



Hey! Ruover there!
are you there?

Ok good,
Stay there.

You whole life brightens,
When Someone calls you B e a u t i f u l.

I was a tad sad,
And just at that moment he texted "Hey :)"
He convinced me to tell him why I was sad,
And I asked him for a hug next time I saw him,
He replied: You can have as many as you want :),
I said: How does 28322389 sound? ;)
He said: MORE :)




Feeling beast...
///////////////// When  you   correct  a   nerd  on  a  maths  question . \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\


I love those  guys
that hardly know you,
But still give you a

I went to see never say never,
 with two guys and a girl .
And the funniest thing was,
at the end, one of the guys said: 
"is it weird that I really enjoyed that?"
Aww :)

Laughing so hard you trip over and break your skull damaging your brain so you don't even remember why you were laughing in the first place