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Quotes by Emacy

Once, a big fat frog and a lively little frog were hopping along together, when they had the misfortune to jump straight into a pail of fresh milk. They swam for hours and hours, hoping to get out somehow; but the sides of the pail were steep and slippery and death seemed certain.


When the big frog got exhausted, he lost courage. There seemed no hope of rescue. “Why keep struggling against the inevitable? I can’t swim any longer,” he moaned.
Keep on! keep on!” urged the little frog, who was still circling the pail. But the big frog decided it was no use. “Little Brother, we may as well give up,” he gasped,

“I’m going to quit struggling.”


Now only the little frog was left. He thought to himself,

“Well, to give up is to be dead, so I will keep on swimming.

Two more hours passed and the tiny legs of the determined little frog were almost paralyzed with exhaustion. It seemed as if he could not keep moving for another minute. But then he thought of his dead friend, and repeated, “To give up is to be meat for someone’s table, so I’ll keep on paddling until I die-if death is to come-but I will not cease trying-‘while there’s life there’s hope!’”


Intoxicated with determination, the little frog kept on, around and around and around the pail, chopping the milk into white waves.

After a while, just as he felt completely numb and thought he was about to drown, he suddenly felt something solid under him. To his astonishment, he saw that all his kicking had changed the consistency of the milkd he'd been swimming in and he was resting on a lump of butter  

And so the successful little frog leaped out of the milk pail to

"Knock Knock?"
- Whos There?
- Europe Who?
"No, youre a poo" 
The other day I tried to catch some fog
Do I have any Beauty marks?
Yeah, I call it my face.
lying on your back because your fat rolls give into gravity on the side.
So you could have approached me, told me why youre so angry and we could have sorted it out.


instead you chose to turn my friends against me and write cryptic fb statuses directed at me.
totes picked the right option there babe xo.

I spend more of my waking hours in my bed than with my family...
I cannot see the bottom where I'm swimming so there is a 29348753453984% chance that a shark is directly below me oh lord jesus help.
Not knowing where the auto-play music is coming from on someones profile and just generally being frustrated at life. 
I just rang up the pizza place pretending to be my mum because they didnt deliver my Hawaiian and quite frankly that is the most rebellious thing ive ever done and im still on an adrenaline high from my act of rebellion.