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Just thought I'd say, feel free to call me George.

Anyways, I'm George... I have another nickname and that's Boo.

I'm 14 at the moment, I was born on a wednesday (my favorite day of the week), on October 29th, in 1997.

I love music, I want to learn how to play the guitar, and I know a bit on the violin. 

My favorite songs are "Nothing To Lose", "Standing In The Rain", "Surrender" (Billy Talent),"Fuck you", "22", "Who Would Have Know" (Lilly Allen), "Let's Kill Tonight", "Lying Is The Most Fun A Girl Can Have Without Taking Her Clothing Off", "The Ballad Of Mona Lisa", "I Write Sins Not Tragadies", "Build God Then We'll Talk" (Panic! At The Disco), "Raised By Wolves", "The Drug In Me Is You" (Falling In Reverse) and many more...

I'm pansexual, and currently "wondering" in the gender department, but to better explain, I usually just feel more like a person than like a certain gender.

I read a lot, I write alot, I'm on teenhelp.org under George^^ and on Fanfiction.net as 4EverGeorge, and on Deviantart as CainTNT.

I spend a lot of time on the computer, but that's mostly because sometimes everything gets too hard. I've had and battled and still am battling depression, but I can say, that I know I can fight my feelings because I am better than that. I am stronger than the feelings of suicide and so is anyone else. 

I'd just like to say, George is a nickname my grandpa use to call me, and I really miss him, but I can only hope that someday I'll get to see him again.

-If anyone ever needs to talk, about anything, I'm always open-

-George, or "Emeline_Desires".


Quotes by Emeline_Desires

Is 14 too young to be fed up with what life has to offer you?

Like bigots and ignorance and jerks who think they know everything?

I don't think it is.

Today I stood up for what I believe in. I got called mental. I'm sorry, but my being bothered about something that I'm pretty sure I know more about that then your little pal make me seem crazy? Because actually, I was using my freedom of speech.

I guess that doesn't include me because of my sexuality and my views on sexuality as a whole. Sorry that I didn't know that.

Oh, does my being LGBPTIQ2 bother you?
- Because your IGNORANCE bothers me.


If standing up for what you believe in is Mental, I don't want to see what not standing up for your beliefs is.


This is just who I am, Accept that, Or move on.

If this is a choice, tell me... How did I ignore my choice?

My choice to fit in? To be straight? To be a girl?

Tell me... Where did I forget that I had a "choice" in all this?

Oh, wait,

You don't get a choose. That's just how some of us are, just like how some of us have different skin colors, hair colors, eye colors....

Our sexuality isn't a choice, but it doesn't make us any less human.

Why I don't like it when people say your sexuality is a choice.... 1) They're usually straight, 2) Most people who are straight have never had a reason to question themselves, so therefor, they've never had to "make that choice". Don't talk about something you don't know about like you do, because that just makes you seem like a stupid jerk.

-The reason for that is because today a guy said that being gay is a choice. Yes, there is some "choice" involved, what you call your sexuality, if you choose to follow your heart, and wether or not you come out. You don't choose who your attracted to.

I didn't choose to fall in love with a girl. I didn't choose to feel more secure with the idea of being a boy. I didn't choose to find gender not a big deal when I love someone enough. That's just who I am. 

Told my mother a story about my friend Leon and CJ both sitting on my lap and moving around. She gave me a weird face and I didn't know how to tell her that Leon is an FTM and CJ's gay.
A - Available? yes.
B - Birthday? October 29th.
C - Crushing on? Esmé.
D - Drink you last had? Diet Coke.
E - Easiest person to talk to? Kidd
F - Favorite song? There's a Good Reason These Tables Are Numbered/ Lying Is The Most Fun A Girl Can Have Without Taking Off Her Clothes (Panic! At The Disco), My Whole Family- Bo Burnham.
G - Gummy bears or gummy worms? Neither.
H - Hometown? IQ.
 I - In love with? Esmé (Shh, don't tell!)
J - Jealous of? Anyone who can be themselves, 

 K - Killed someone? nope.
L - Longest car ride? trip to PEI from NS.
M - Milkshake flavor? Vanilla.
N - Number of siblings? a brother and a few half's.
O - One wish? For myself to be myself, without boundaries.
P - Person you texted last? Kidd.
Q - Question you are always asked? Sup?
R - Reason to smile? Because it gets better.

S - Song you last listened to? Build God And Then We'll Talk.
T - Time you woke up? 11:00
U - Underwear color?  light blue.
V - Violent moment you had? hitting people.
W - Worst habit? biting my nails.
X - X-rays you had? chest, leg, head
Y - Yoyos are? Fun, but I suck at doing tricks.
Z - Zodiac sign? Scorpio.