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why hello there beautifulll !
my names emily, im 13 years young ++ love my life!
witty helps me as much as my friends do!
i put my family before everyone.
i ♥ to sing! so maybe i'll put a video up.
i dont find myself attractive, but people think i am; i dont see how.
i have brown hair + blue eyes.
i love to help people with thheir problems! so leave a comment. :)
im not asking for much, atleast you read this, aye? ;)
wellll, thank you! im always here to help.
see you later pretty ladyyy. ♥
what happens in summer 2011, stays in summer 2011. ♥ :)

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its hard 

to erase your past when its been a part of you for such a long time. So dont tell me to like its simple. 



 Where were you last night?
Studying at johns house
What were you studying?
The birds and the bees.

Was it hard?

Of course he was


nmf. quote from smartphowned.com

Having a smoking section in a


is like having a peeing section in a pool.

Alarm clocks.
Because every morning should

start with a heart attack.


A psychic was talking to a ghost.

Psychic:What's the cause of your death?
Ghost: I was struck by a car trying to help someone.
Psychic: Why did you do that?
Ghost: Because I didn't want my love getting hurt.
Psychic: Maybe she's sad now because you're dead?
Ghost: No, she's happy now...
Psychic: Why?
Ghost: Because the one that I saved, is the man she loves...

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i find it hard to trust not only
me but everyone around me,



Favorite and I will post what your wedding dress will look like~


i wish you were here.

but you're not. you're there. and there doesn't know how lucky it is.


and all i want

is to wake up next to you every morning, for the rest of my life.