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About me.
Hello stranger. My name is Emily, I'm 15, going to be a sophmore next year, and I blow out my candles on July 7th! I love acting, singing, basketball, writing, theater, drawing and more stuff I don't quite feel like listing it all.
Anywhoo, if you're reading this you're pretty awesome but I'm not quite sure why you're reading it because it's boring and I dunno what I'm saying. ahah.
If you actually wanna talk to me comment on my profilee! ^.^

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&they lived happily ever after
>>w i t h  o n l y  a   f e w   p r o b l e m s ,  
l i k e  b u r n t   t o a s t .<<


I live Between Primrose Drive & Gale Ave....

true story/my quote/nmf


When Someone Forgets Something 
So they ask you. But right when they ask,  you forget too.


Female Teacher: Guys, I'm going to be out for  a couple months at the end of the year, because I'm pregnant.
Elementary School Kids Say: A baby!? Awhh! :D
Middle Schoolers Say: Wait.. you're married?! Lol, looks like we know what you've been doing. (; 
High School Whores: Same.

Today is my 15th birthday!♥ 
(I'm not asking for faves, I'm just makin' me a special birthday quote as I always doo.)

July Seventh 


whenever I go on a trip,
and have to take a day off of school,
I always check the time to see where those losers are while I'm not there to see them.


Girl at school: Hey, I found you're witty!
Me: You do realize I'm going to have to kill you now, right?

I hate when people think
they're all that and a bag of chips, when they're not.

   1. go to google

2. search 'top 50 woman on the


3. go to the first link

4. go down to # 7

5. laugh really hard. 

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