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It's hard to swim
in a world so shallow
To start of this is my tumblr; http://eemmmmmmmmmmm.tumblr.com
&&i follow back:)
Well hello beautiful stranger:)
My names Emily, and i love horses {its kind of in the name:)}
I am Welsh:) And proud! don't know were Wales is? Look it up we have amazingly cool accents:) i live in the gower, and its beautiful<3
In my picture i am the one with my hair in a bun:) and the beautiful girl next to me? thats Annabel:)
I love food.
I don't wear makeup, i like to keep it natural:D
i love sport, Horse Riding, netball, tennis, swimming, the list goes on:D
i have haters because i speak my mind, but these days you hae to be two faced to be perfect, and thats not me&& tbh i couldn't care less if you don't like me! i don't wake up every day to make just you happy do i?
normally if i really don't like someone i will either try to avoid them or just tell them because i would hate to have people who i thought were my frends and the really don't like me.
Even thou i always tell the truth i would never tell a grl that she is fat/ugly ect. because every ones beautiful and you don't have to be a size 0 to be pretty.
i love chocolate i would never give it up for anythin:D
I have one main dream; to travel the world, i want to go to South Africa, Austraila, America, Comolba, New Zeland {skydiving:)}- so yeah.
don't be scared to say hello, i love meeting new people:) and also you can add me on facebook and kik, comment and i'll add you:)
My facebook link is down there:)
Your beautiful, believe it.
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Quotes by EmilyHorse

i dont need a toaster
i just hold the bread in my hand
and it toasts its self
because im smoking

Me half  the time: iam so ugly and incucure.
Me the other half the time: i am flawless don't touch me peasent.

And deep inside,            

    {I'll drown }
I am seriously considering
becoming a world chapion in diving just to meet Tom Daley
The show we all miss1#:
The sweet life of zac&cody

London:Which one of these sentances sound to smartical?
Mosby: one that doesn't use the word 'smartical'?

Fresh Prince of Bel Air#6
{practising singing} Tell your Pharoah let my people goooooo
Will: Tell your Pharoah to let my coision grooooowww

fav for a series:)

Fresh Prince of Bel Air#5
if it looks like a duck, smells like a duck, sound like a duck, what is it?
Will:  your prom date?

fav for a series:)

Fresh Prince of Bel Air#4
I am tierd of being such a big loser!
Geffory:  awhh, C, your not big!

fav for a series:)

Fresh Prince of Bel Air#3
Phillip Banks:
Jeffory, bring me my tools.
Geffory: do you mean your nife and fork,sir?

fav for a series:)

Fresh Prince of Bel Air#1
makng a baby is a really blessed event.
Will:don't you meen 'having a baby?'
Jazz: trust me on this one!

fav for a series:)