Status: When life gives you lemons, make orange juice. People will believe that you're superman!
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My name is Emily :)

well a bit about me: Dancing is my life! If im feeling down or need a 'pick me up' i will put on a song and start randomly dancing like no one is watching. Even in public places. 
I also love singing, rowing, acting, the colour aqua

Like any teenage girl, i am still waiting for my prince charming and i believe in happy endings. Ive had many downs in the past, but i always tend to somehow look on the bright side :)

Okay i will stop talking, but i would just like to say THANK YOU for visiting my profile :)

Love you all!

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I would be the worst celebrity doctor

Channing Tatum : I think i broke my finger

Me : Okay. just take your shirt off and lets get started :D
Okay so i know people vent on witty, but it really annoys me when people write really depressing quotes and are all like 'i broke my promise' and 'i'm always self harming myself' and I know there are many nice people on here, but it gets really annoying and I know i'm sounding mean, but i'm just saying what everyone is thinking.
Okay future boyfriend, 
you can stop playing hide and seek now.

I should be studying.....



   Im a princess 
 I dont wanna be the queen
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The person you

love is 72.8%



If we all threw our problems

in a pile and saw

everyone elses, we'd

grab ours back


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It's my 14th Birthday

I know many people post quotes like this ANd I know I probablY won't get any faves.

              But can I please hav at least 14 faves

   To be honest. I'm surprised I have come this far