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        3.10.12 ;

This is the first time i've logged into this account since at least October of last year.. I can't say i've missed witty.. The only person on this site that i know anymore is Kelly.. I do however miss the times where i could speak freely without someone correcting my grammar or spelling or just plain judging me.. Witty has changed.. Steve, you created an amazing site, i'm sorry i'm not a big contributor anymore.

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                           And all i have left of you 

                                   {( is the memories..)}


You may know my face and you may know my name.

But you do not know my story.



        10.9.11 ;

I don't want to be here.. I don't want to be alive. My life is pointless thus far. Every time something the slightest bit good happens to me something ten times worse follows while taking that happiness away. I can't stand my self. I look in the mirror just to be my worst critic. I find my self repulsive and revolting. I'm sick and tired of being mom and dads perfect happy little girl. That's not who i am. I hate myself. I even hate the person i love most. I have nothing to show for my life. If it were up to me i'd be gone by now..

Im not making 'top' quotes anymore.
From here on out this account is fully just for helping myself.
Its going to be me in my darkest hours talking myself out of hurting myself.
So if you dont want to deal with it ;



I miss youu!!
Hi hi.


Text me(:?


No, because then you'd have my number and you'd be calling me at all hours of the night just to hear my voice, and all i'd be able to hear is you breathing at the other end of the line. Then we'd both lay back and stare at the ceiling and wonder why our obvious chemistry can't work itself out. You'd randomly show up at my door one moring, soaked from the rain, confessing your love for me and after a slight hesitation I'd let you in and we'd spend the next three days making cookies. Then you'd tell me that you have to go back home, I'd beg you not to leave me alone. You'd say that you had to, but make an empty promise to come back and see me, which of course you'd never fulfill. Why put our selves through that? For gods sake, If i text you today because you "miss me" we both know where it's going to lead...


 Not Mine ; I found this hilarious.

        Maybe ;

Maybe i'm stupid. Maybe love is a lie. Maybe just maybe i'm stupid for believing in this lie called love. But i do, i love you. And i honestly believe you still love me. But i fully understand why you don't want to be with me, We were everything right at the wrong time. With me moving and my depression we both just couldn't take it. So for now i want you to be happy, I'm going to just stop trying to be anything more then friends and i want you to be happy with her because i don't doubt that she's perfect. But i will always be looking forward to that one day you realize who has always been here for you, that person who cares about you most. Maybe one day you'll come back to me. But until that day i truly want you to be happy..