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Quotes by EmilyxLovesxU

Shout out to my parents
for paying the internet bill each month

God bless you.

Love is when
you can't stop looking at him,
even if he'll never look back.

“ I have been wanting to see Peter Pan for years.
Last week my family took us to Disneyland.
When I saw Peter I immediately waved and
ran up to him saying he is my hero.
He grabbed my arms,
saw my self harm scars and frowned.

He quickly said:
“No no, you have battle scars! You must of fought off
some horrible pirates. You, princess, are MY hero!”
Then bowed down & kissed my hand
before hugging me tightly & whispering:
“You're beautiful. Please stop,”in my ear.
I cried for the rest of the day.”

-This isn't mine, I saw it on Tumblr &
thought it was perfect-

I'm going to become a drug dealer, okay
and when someone says
“Can I score some coke”
I'd be like..
“Is Pepsi okay?”
and they would probably just stab me,
but it would be a laugh.

When you were little
if you fell
they would ask you where it hurt.
You would point to
your knees, your head or an elbow
and they would make it better.

But I noticed
when you get older
if you fall
they don't ask you where it hurts.

the suicidal kids
could never
figure out
how to die
because they
were born to live

the cancer kids
could never
figure out
how to live
because they
were born to die

why do we only want
what we can't have?

Mum:  You think all these band member have nice hair and are good looking
but in 30 years you will look back at these photos and be like-

Me : Look children it's your father.

Mum: What

Me : What


And that was the only time

People ever told him

They loved him

And missed him

And needed him

But maybe if they

Told him all that when he was still alive

Then maybe he'd still be here.

I'm actually quite a shy person.

Like when I first talk you,

I can guarantee our conversation will be awkward,

because I won't know what to talk about.

It's also worse when I like you.

But if you're patient I'll get comfortable talking to you

Then I'll start talking so much that it'll annoy you.