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I am a cat
Oh god. I don't know. Sometimes I just think too much.
Things happen.
I love writing.
And bands.
And art.

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Quotes by EmmaKitty

If These Sheets Were The States And You Were Miles Away
I'd Fold Them End Over End To
Bring You Closer To Me

Because I Don't Sleep At All Without You Pressed Up Against me
I'll Settle For Long Distance Calls I'm
Lost In Empty Pillow Talk Again

All Time Low - If These Sheets Were The States
2013 was a pretty bad year for me.

1. My 'best friends' left me out numerous times.
2. No body really talked to me.
3. I went through many hospital stays.
4. My dad & I had a huge conflict.
5. When the conflict was resolved I got into another, with his mum.
6. I tried to fix a relationship but made it worse.
7. I've spent most of my nights crying.
8. They said things would get better but nothing did.
9. I haven't a genuinly good time with friends in over 4 months (which has felt like 3 years)
10. At this point I only have 3 friends I can talk to
11. I've been failing classes because it gets so hard I have to leave
12. People no longer realize I exist
Um, yeah, ipod, I think I know how to spell do.
It's a 2 letter word.
Also, I did want to say tour.
I'm not going to Warped Your.
Write Something Your Parents Would Be Proud Of
i like pizza
Don't scare me like that! You gave me a heart attack!

No, really. Call an ambulance.
K. So, suppose you went back in time & killed your grandmother. Your mother was born & in the room when her mum was killed. When your mum gave birth to you she'd be so happy & what not. But, when you grew up do you think she'd reconize you as the person who killed her mum? If she did, do you think she'd send you to jail?

Wow. What is wrong with me?
I was drawing AmazingPhil in class
A kid tapped me on the shoulder
screamed an drew a huge dark line over the paper

Why do I even try?
Why do I have a phone?
I litterally only talk with my mum.