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oh boy was i wrong.

Quotes by EmmaleeeGrace

not every girl will love you 
the way i did. and fight for you as much as i did.

remember that when you don't have anyone else

left to turn to. so just realize sooner or later

you're going to be the one missing out and i'm not going

to be there to pick up the broken pieces when your world

falls apart.


we all carry these things inside of us
that no one else can see.         they hold us
down like anchors      they drown us out  

at sea.


i've been okay before.
                  one day i'll wake up and it won't hurt anymore.

i never stopped loving 
you, i just stopped showing it.

i really do hope you're happy.


if anyone is good at maths please comment on this or on my page. PLEASE.



i wish i didn't get attached to people so easily.

i smile and pretend 

nothings wrong. it's called putting shxt aside and acting strong.

how can i just forget? 

how can i just forget about everything and start all over again?


you stole my heart

a n d   t o r e   i t   a p a r t .