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oh boy was i wrong.

Quotes by EmmaleeeGrace


and then i think that maybe
i was designed to be alone. 

I just want to feel pretty enough
I just want to feel skinny enough.
I just want to feel happy enough.
I just want to feel smart enough.
I just want to feel good enough.
But i'm stuck with who i am and it feels like

no guy will accept me for me.


i can't accept that our story 

and the tears come 

                    streaming down your face

i don't love me.
                  and thats how i understand why you don't either.

do i miss you? 
e v e r y d a y .

now i know i have a heart
cause its breaking.

- The Wizard of Oz.


its almost like i
never meant anything to you and all we had was some big dream.

i've been okay before.
                  one day i'll wake up and it won't hurt anymore.


there's a huge gap in my heart.

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