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Well ok I hate these things so here goes nothing....
My name is Emmy.
I love music, all music, its my life. 
I'm an artist, I paint.
I am the kind of person who allows my self to trust and love way to easy.
I get hurt, alot.
I have been hurt in the past.
If i seem quiet and distant its because its easier for me to protect myself that way. 
I cut for 2 years, quit for 4, cut for like a month, and stopped again going on 5 months now I think... 
Well thats all I think needs to be known about me... :)

EmmyLou's Favorite Quotes

don't expect her to play her 

if you have other women auditioning for the


I walk with my head high and act like I'm cool, but really I'm scared. 
I have been gone so long dam witty has changed anyway college starts in a week so hyped if anyone still follows me on here i'll make my way back slowly once i get settled into school and life in the military God Bless all

Though a old guy once told me . Live life to the best you can dont let anything bring you down just remember that
&& i read through my old diary today...
i never realised how suicidal i have been...
ever since i was little i have been talking about killing myself...
but today i was so close...
i owe my life to my gorgeous bestfriend
even though you p!ssed me off today and i got annoyed
i would be dead without you
i love you isabella rose.

sick and tired of being sick and tired
Life is short. So... Kiss slowy, laugh insanely, love truly and forgive quickly
I just want to say something to boys who came before me thanks for making almost every single girl think we are lying when it comes to staying by their side and really caring for them when some people really do mean it </3...
I have realized something in many people i know happiness is very quick and hard to find and depression is easily found and hard to get away until they met that right person to take care of there problems and start filling out their dreams.
I remember tears
streaming down your
when I said
{{I'll never let you go}}
When allthose shadows
Almost killed your light
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