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hey guys, I'm Midknight. i'm a girl of course and i'm 13, emo, and really biploar and random. love me hate me, don't you wanna fuck me? ~BOTDF
add me i love you all!!!! <3

EmoBotdfFan's Favorite Quotes

it's hard to let go,
it's hard to give up.
it's a tough life,
don't throw a fit.
put all your troubles aside,
i'll be your guide.
i'm gods messanger,
here to save her.
so listen up,
lok to sky and remember that he is always by your side.


Can you just talk to me?
What is there left to say? I don't even know what you want to hear from me. Nothing I could possibly say will change anything that's already happened.



I have a problem;

 So there's this kid... hes really cute,and nice, and kind and everything. i only met him this year, and i figured out today that i kinda sorta maybe like him..but thats the problem. you see one of my bestfriends likes him too.. and shes liked him for a while. my bestfriend jen said he might like me cuz everytime he sees me he smiles and hugs me..but i dont know he might just be a flirt..
what should i do, cuz im totaly stuck..


a child says to his mom... "mommy! i colored on your sheets with lipstick!"
the mom then started beating him until he was unconscience.  her eyes filled with tears regreting what she did to him as she begged for him to open his eyes, but it was to late. his tiny heart had stopped beating. when the mom walked into her bedroom the sheets said "I LOVE YOU MOMMY" 
favorite if yout against child abuse

When a girl tells you her problems, it's not because she's complaining. It's because she trusts you. 




I When You're Not Strong,
I'll Be Your Friend

I'll Help You
C A R R Y   O N
Anyone Having A Problem?
Come To Me
I Won't Bite.


i'm a freshman who's
about to date an eighth grader.

he's super cute& awesome but no one understands me.

know what a girl i dont even know told me?
f*ck sh*t up and makeout with him in front of everyone.

she.gives.me.hope. beyourself*
If "Plan A" didnt work, the alphabet has 25 more letters! Stay cool.

Old enough to know that its a bad idea
young enough to not care


Dear girls,
If a guy pauses a video game just to text you back. Marry him.