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                  Honest Opinions Please?
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                                  "What are these scars from?," she asks.
                                         "They're battle wounds," i replied
                                          She looked at me for a long time.
                                   "Who are you battling?," she asked.

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Right now, there's a million scratches on my arms.
I know that some of my friends know I'm emo.
I know that some of them know that I scratch myself.
I know that some know that I want to cut myself.
I want them to help me through these times.
But none of them seem to care.

This is my life! You can't tell me what to do!
This sure ain't paradise, cuz I still have to see you.
So get off of my back, and get outta my way!
Cuz I really don't care, about what you gotta say.
You will never bring me down, so get outta this town!
Cuz you might really wanna when you see what comes around.
La la la la la la la la la la la la.
Cuz the way you choke up, that's the way you fall down.

I wrote this song. It's called That's The Way You Fall Down. You like it? Fave this, and I'll post the rest of the song, and I'll post other songs too.

i wish you could answer everything with eny meany miny mo