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About Me

I am a Christian. I love God, but it gets hard sometimes and I get doubts. If you don't know Him, drop me a comment and we'll get you right to it. I will, however, accept you if you belive differently than me. I'm not going to hate you for not believing the same way as me.

I am going to be a Freshman this year. My basic classes are all honors except for math. I just suck at math.  I came on this website when I was twelve, I think. Honestly, even though I broke the rules, I still am so glad I showed up here one day.  

I'm part of several fandoms. These inculde Doctor Who, One Direction, Simple PLan, 5SOS, Pierce The Veil, SWS, Harry  Potter, Twilight, The Outsiders, The Book Theif, DanIsNotOnFire, and more recently, the All Time Low fandom. I might be leaving some out.
The above text is my Tumblr URL. My Christian Tumblr is Jesus-is-my-saving-Grace.

Feel free to talk to me. I'm lonely and have a stunning lack of cats due to allergies.

-Read 13 Reasons Why
-Read A Fault In Our Stars
-Eat what's in the freezer then fill it with Ben & Jerry's
-Eat that $40 worth of Ben & Jerry's
-Learn HTML



Quotes by Endi13

Is it sad that

my biggest goal right now is to buy and eat $20 worth of Ben & Jerry's?

hava love/hatrelationship

with my boobs


Someone just followe me
and literally I whispered "God bless you." because she followed me.
Someone actually followed me.

I socialized today.
It wasn't as awful as I'd imagined.
She liked Doctor Who and The Black Keys.
We talked for a while and I think I've made a friend.

+++++++++++++++++++++++++++{ }++++++++++++++++++++++++++

It's that time of night again.

Everything's becoming funny.

I'm out.

+++++++++++++++++++++++++++{ }+++++++++++++++++++++++++++


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Lol you know

you're screwed


YourParentsMadeAWittyAnd started following you.

In 2 years this site's taken over by guys

I don't care who you are, cute guys always look  better with braces
Am I the only one who's never felt accepted or at home on Witty?


Am I

the only one

who didn't know


Was back?


I missed