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Eveything  about  you

Chapter 1 : Dinner party

We're like na na na then we're like yeah yeah yeah
"The music blasted out of my headphones,
my head bopping up and down to the familliar catchy tune.
"Always like na na na then we're like yeah yeah yeah!" i sang out loud,
not realizing i did, which recieved a bunch of hushes from my friends.
We were all on our way to some fancy dinner party's of my mum's.
She had dragged me into it so i decided to drag Leah, Anya, Mina and Tia in with me.
We were all dressed in our fanciest:
Tia in a flowy just an - inch - beneath the knee pale pink dress which contrasted against her olive skin and for some reason made her legs look longer, which she loved.
Anya was in emrald green strapless dress,
which made her blue eyes pop out more then usual.
Mina had a violet spagettti strap dress,
which she kept complaining made her look fat.
When in reality she was so skinny, i swear my arm was the size of her thighs *Sigh*
Leah was wearing a bright orange dress
which i knew my mother would never approve of.
But then again Leah was the kind of girl that took risks.
And last but not least, moi, Eliza. i had a turquoise sequin strapless dress that finished just above my knee. It wasn't the usual kinda dress i wore but it spoke to me and paired with these glittler heels,
i couldn't resist.
The only down side to my dress was that it made me itch, alot.
My dad pulled into a huge mansion and we all hopped out of the car, shutting the car doors behind us. it was beautiful, lights shimmered from each window. This was unusual, normally the dinner partys my mother dragged me to were at halls... but this place was miles off how they usually looked. We rang the doorbell and waited for someone to come answer it. i stuffed my iPod into my clutch and looked over at Leah. We shared a knowing look. "What is taking so long?"i sighed impatiently.
"Patience Elizabeth," My father said smiling at me.
Just as i was about to ring the doorbell again, the door swung open and i was face to face with the one and only Louis Tomlinson. Louis Tomlinson. Wait a minute. 
what was Louis doing here? what.. was this real?
"What are you doing here?" i spat out at him, and immediatley regretted it.
He smiled "charming!" he said. i could feel my cheeks burn and i looked down,
"i'm sorry.. just" i whispered 
And instantly i could feel my heart race, i took an immediate step back and looked at my friends, for reassurance, they seemed to be doing the same and all looked at me,
as if they thought i was playing a trick..
"Oh Jesus, Am i dreaming?" Tia whispered into my ear.
What was Louis from One Direction doing at my mothers dinner party. 
See me and my friends are massive One Direction fans. As i took another look back i could see tears forming in Tia's eyes and Mina was about to scream.
"Ah you must be the Mrs Patricks family, Come in" Lois greeted us with a smile as he held the door open wide for us as we all clambered in one after the other. He kept his hands low, i peeked and saw a half - eaten carrot, i giggled and headed towards the kitchen.  

So yeah this is my One direction Fanfic x)
It's totally made up but please fave/comment/follow :D
will only do more if you like it :)
Comments appreciate..
Don't hate :/ please
- Enriquex788
when i see your face. Theirs not a thing that i would change because your amazing just the way you are 
hey baby, i think i wanna marry you 
it's kind of amazing how you found me.
through all the strangers somehow
Shut up no one likes you.
They say one day you'll find happiness.
i don't know if i can wait that long
All i need is a heart.
and i'll love you.
i'm sorry. i know i'm selfish.
i really do want to be able to smile and mean it. i don't mean to be depressed all the time, i don't want attention in fact i want the opposite. i want to be a normal teenager. i want to be able to have someone to love. i want to be able to look in a mirror without feeling disgusted or crying. i want to be beautiful. i want to be able to not have the urge to end it all. Do you think i wan to feel this pain? 
i might have loved you once.
But right now i don't even love myself.
I'm sorry i wasn't easy to love.