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Hello! My name is Keri! Here is some stuf about moi:


LOVES: Hand hugs, good jokes, friendly faces, smiles, music, Ryan Higa, hangin w my BFF, and ...this guy.

HATES: Hater comments/messages, homework, popular b/tches, and being alone :(

Relationship Status:I'm completely and utterly head over heels.

Afraid of: Being rejected.

Current issues:
-> I'm in love. I'm completely obsessed. He's on my mind, no matter what I'm doing. We're both single, but shy with these type of things. He'll never have the courage to ask me out... and I don't think I'll ever muster up the courage to tell him how I feel. He was in my dream last night. He kissed me on the cheek (in the dream) and I woke up smiling my heart out. I'm afraid he'll shatter my heart.
-> School is really stressing me out. I have TONS of homework, and I'm in three advanced classes, which is a LOT for me. Homework here, clubs there. My social life is *poof.*
-> Popular people. They just love to bother me and my friends, just to make their friends laugh. *eye roll* Luckily, I have some sassy friends.

Quotes by EpicMusician


This link goes to psy's new music video/ song "Gentleman."

Psy spends 50% of the video messing with random asain women and children

He spends the other 50% talking about sexx, trying to have sexx, and talking about how wet he is.

I am so ashamed of our society.

I have a question, Bruno Mars.

How would you know her eyes were open
unless yours were, too?
Preparing for a Quiz

Me (on the practice test for math homework): OMG I got 100%!!! If this is all the same stuff that's gonna be on the test, I'M ACTUALLY GONNA GET AN A!!!!

Me (next day on the math test): What is this Big F on my quiz?

My Math Teacher:...

Me: It must mean FANTASTIC!!!
I'll love you
the day after forever

Beautiful Chaos by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl <3

Comment if you've read the series, or even part of it. Also comment your favorite chracter!
Good job to you awesome and epic people who can actually read this! HAHA!

Doing Math Homework
Me: *looks at homework* the heck is this?
Me: *googles it* ooooohhhh okay I get it!
Me: *tries it* What the heck? 71.92470284836482? That is definetly wrong!
Me: *sits and thinks for a minute*
Homework: Lol!
Me: Screw this, I'll just ask my friends for the answer!
Hanging with my Friends and Crush <3
Crush: *keeps checking his phone*
Me: What are you doing?
Crush: Oh, I keep waiting for you to text me... it makes sense that you didn't, you're kinda right here...
Me: *smiles like an idiot*
In Math Class...
Teacher: Alright, so now you take this triangle, and try to find the orthocenter... *keeps talking in math language.*

Me: *Stands up, walks over to a corner, sits down facing the corner, starts sobbing, and repeatedly beats head against corner* WHHHHHYYYYYYY?!?!?!?!?!
Getting Ice Cream
Other girl: Can I have one scoop of fat free vanilla ice cream?
Me: Can I have a large chocolate ice cream on a cone with gummy bears, Reese's, Hot fudge, caramel, kit kat, twix, and oh maybe I should get that in a cup.... Yeah. I'll have all that in a cup.
Other girl: *stares at me like I'm going to be so fat and I'm insane*
Me: *ignoring stare* Do you need me to write that down?

"HOT or NOT"
with lots of cleavage showing
and their lips making duck face
and all the stuff we would make fun of if these characters were real

And I'm thinking...

"Is sluutty and option?"
"These were the moments that kept you going.

When you looked up into the sky and cried, 'Why?' sometimes the sky shrugged. Yet other times it answered with the warm assurance of linked hands.

'Sorry,' it whispered on the wind. 'Sorry for all the pain and lonliness and disappointment. But there is this, too.'

It was enough.

pg. 176, Beauty Queens by Libba Bray