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i'm not obsessed, just impolite.

Well hey. I'm Kate from New York. There's not much special about me, so I'm not going to go into specific detail on myself; not as if anyone is actually interested in me. I'm sixteen as of last August. There seems to be a lot of drama in my life that I can't get away from. I love things like nostalgia, owls, tumblr, Alex Day, drawing/painting, soup, coffee, music, tattoos, food, Doctor Who, Pokemon, Nintendo 64 games, Spongebob, nature, running, lighting, and disney. My friends hold me together. Them, and music. (Go Radio, Joe Brooks, Arcade Fire, MGMT, Plushgun, Man Overboard, The Wonder Years, Yellowcard, This Time Next Year, Two Door Cinema Club, and a lot of others.) I don't really have a lot in common with my family. I do wonder if I'm supposed to be somewhere else - Anywhere. I have a strong sense of wanderlust. I just want to adventure to somewhere new and see the world with someone I truly love. I just want to escape; Be free. That's my ambition. Feel free to talk to me. I follow back. :] Peace. tumblah.

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i'm not going to even lie,

i haven't been on in a long time,

and i really miss witty profiles. 


when most girls use YOLO:
I'm gonna get drunk tonight!! ;) #YOLO

when I use YOLO:
I just added EXTRA CHEESE to my pizza. #YOLO

take me to your
best friend
's house;;
i loved you then and i love you now


maybe it's true

 i  c a n t  l v e  w t h u t  y u . 

and maybe two

 i s  b e t t e r  t h a n  n e . 

and then something invisible
snapped inside of her.

and that which had come together commenced to fall apart. 

-John Green


inadequacy =

n   o   t      f   e   e   l   i   n   g      g   o   o   d      e   n   o   u   g   h   .


I have such a bad want for it.

The only reason I haven't yet is because my friends will yell at me. 


I fantasize about

not telling anyone

going off to some random place.

And I'd just disappear, and they'd never see me agian.


  and i got a question ;

whais love? 


shraaway in
  H E R   S L E E P , A N D   D R E A M E D   O F  paradise.