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Quotes by wanderer*

Every now and then I check back on this website. I haven't been truly active in years, but looking back on my quotes and old friends is nice. I can't believe I joined this website 7 whole years ago. wow. 

Just in case any of my mutuals are still active, here's a little life update: 

A lot has drastically changed in my life. To start, my father, who I was very proud of and posted about often, passed away in a car accident in 2016. It was hard on me and my family. It still is. There were times I didn't think we could make it through this, yet here I am. 

Second, I met the genuine love of my life. You guys, he is truly my everything. He treats me SO well, and I'm glad I found him. He has the same sense of humor and ambition as I do. We are getting married this fall, and I just can't wait. 

Third, I've made some MAJOR career moves. I became an EMT in 2017, which was super difficult as I was still in high school. There were loads of hurdles, but I truly LOVE this profession. I've found a passion in helping those who are experiencing the worst moments of their life, and I'm honored and humbled that I have the opportunity to make things better for all of my patients. Through the good and bad of this job, I love it with my whole heart.

Speaking of major career moves, I've made the decision to enlist in the U.S. Army. After BCT, I will be trained as a combat medic, and my hope is to either go Airborne, or work as a flight medic. It will be extremely challenging, but I'm looking forward to growing, learning, broadening my horizons, and serving my country. 

I will be graduating this Saturday. Shortly after, I will FINALLY be moving from my small town to experience a little more to life before I head off to bootcamp. 

I want to thank every single person who was a friend to me when I was active on this website. There were times that I was in a dark place, and I'm thankful I've had some of you to lean on. Going through my old quotes has really showed me that I have grown- quite a bit. I hope you're all doing well, and if you need to reach me for anything feel free to add me on snapchat: epicloser13 (cringe, I know.)

I know that this website is for short quotes, so I apologize for this long post. I was feeling nostalic, and I felt like maybe someone would want to know how I'm doing.

I know I posted my snapchat username, and I'm hoping everyone will treat it with respect. Please don't make me regret it.

Anyways, I have loads of love in my heart for you all and I wish you nothing but the best.

Signing off, this is Wanderer. Good luck to you all. 

This website is a reminder of how simple life used to be.
I looked back on old quotes today. Back then I worried about nutella and Witty. I didnt have to worry about this nasty stuff. Didn't have to worry about where my siblings were living. When I'd be able to see my sister. If my father would be in a good mood or not. I didn't have to worry about college classes or the food I ate. I simply lived. That's something I didn't cherrish as much as I should have.
Thank you, old friends. Thank you for being there for me when no one else in my life was. I'm not sure if any of you are still active on this site, but thank you. PLease never stop helping others. Don't ever stop being an inspiration. It's a special power to inspire. To take your pain and mold it into something wonderful. Go write, sing, dance, act, speak, draw, and paint. Inspire other people in anyway you can. Stay wonderful.
Simplicity at it's finest

"And there she was

yet another dreamer

looking at the stars "

But oh, darling, I'm home
BFF: best friends forever... right?

BFF: Bïtchy fake friend.... sounds right.
Here's to the kids who can't find any real friends.
It's okay you that couldn't stay

You didn't need to be in pain for another day

Its not fair to make you suffer because we can't let go

So we took the final blow

And we set you free

To where you needed to be