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Quotes by wanderer*

He didn't live in this world very long
but he left a fighter.
Hunter Gabriel did not have had time to live his life
He died of CDH
He is my CDH angel

 Go compliment a complete stranger. It could be here on witty, anywhere on the internet, or better yet in real life. Like a quote. Comment how talented they are. Be friendly. Be brave. There are some good people in this world, but I think we need more.
One less child to hug me every morning

ne more child leaving without warning

ne less child who's smile lights up the room

One more child who won't live to see her own honey moon

One less child to live in pain

One more child, who is God's gain.

So What
if a girl wears a ton of makeup

As long as she feels beautiful


And to think I
was the onwho

promised to stay

But life will go on

​​Even when you claim that it won't. It will.

Life will get better along the way. So wait.

Take my word. Trust me. Life will get better.

Life will go on
I've been on Witty for a year. Thanks so much. All of my followers and to the ones I follow. You guys allowed me to rant on about everything I needed to get off my chest. I promise to be on Witty more often. I just want you to know that I'll never forget any of you.
It's gotten to the point to where I'm so lazy that I don't even want to move the mouse to the other side of the screen to get to the next page.
My little sister and I were in a hot-tub today. We were sitting in there quietly when she said, "Cat, there's water in your bellybutton!"
and threw a cup of water at me... Oh, the irony.
I think the old me is finally back. Not the fake girl behind this smile, but the sassy and strange one. It's about time.
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