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I'm Zeke, weird name, trust me, I know.
I'm Australian, and I'm 15 years of age. 
Xbox, skating, friends, family & music 
is basically my life so yeah whatever. 
My sister Nadia showed me this, eh.
I don't know what to say, so bye now.   

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Quotes by EpicUsername

ouch. rejection.


so I was sitting in my room listening to "young, wild & free" and I changed the lyrics.

"So what we post quotes?
So what we don't sleep?
We're just having fun,
Only care if peasants see,
So what we never go out?
Thats how its 'sposed to be
Living Young, Wild & Witty."

I had to post this okay.

Er, hi I'm Zeke. My sister showed me this and now I'm really confused as to how things work on here.
If someone could explain things that would be awesome and I'll love you forever or some jazz.