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I love you to the moon and back
Truth Is~28;
~I have plenty of friends, but I don't trust anyone enough to talk. i trust one person enough to tell them what's wrong and that's my boyfriend. That's great, but sometimes he upsets me...leaves me feeling so worthless so crappy...just like I'm sure I do to him...and at that point I have no one...~
Truth Is~27;
~I wish I didn't care...I wish I could sit back and be a nothing cuz then comments like that couldn't hurt me, but the problem is I can't. I try to the best friend, girlfriend AND daughter...I try to be something everyone can be proud of. I try hard...too hard...and it just keeps builiding up cuz people keep saying I'm not good enough and everytime...I try to prove them wrong...~

I Love It When #15

We talk about our future. Maybe it won't be THAT great...but it's still nice.


Truth Is~26;
~I just don't know what to do half the time anymore. There's only so much trying you can do before it begins to get painful when you keep failing miserably.~

I will keep calling you to see...
If you're sleeping are you dreaming?
If you're dreaming are you dreaming of me?

You just single handedly showed me ALL guys are the same...
I really thought you were doing the opposite...

Truth Is~25;
~One day I'll be fine, feel like I'm on top of the world. I'll feel as though everything in my life is perfect. The next...I'll be crying, curled up hoping for the best...wishing I hadn't done the things I've done. I think I'd rather just feel like crap all the time then switch back and forth. It's confusing...~

Do you not understand what this does to me,
or do you just not care anymore?
I Guess You Never Did