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Quotes by Erikax32


forever is a long time;
but I wouldn't mind´╗┐ spending it by your side

I don't wanna fall in love

because everything that falls, gets broken.

you and me on a summer night  
p  a  r  k   t  h  e  c  a  r ,  d  a  n  c  i  n  g   i  n   t  h  e   h  e  a  d  l  i  g  h  t   s    
you and I, late night drives

your hand in mine




Now        i           see,        so          clearly
it's time to let you go 

I don't need money in my pocket
diamonds on my neck
the time I spend with you
I know I'll never forget
you and me is more than enough

'cause you make me feel like a million bucks


until you stop caring about them.
used to always think I was bullet proof
but  you  got  an  AK  and  your  blowing  through

explosive, you don't even know it.

the "If You're Lucky" relationship. 
when the person you fall in love with   

falls in love with you.




she believed in dreams alright,
but she also believed in doing something about them...when prince charming didn't come along
she went over to the palace & got him herself.

my biggest mistake  
       wasn't falling for you.

but thinking that you had
fallen for me too