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Quotes by EverybodyBreaksaGlass


   I  lost  my virginity.
I thought I loved him, I trusted him.
I gave him everything, and then he breaks my heart,
and leaves.
Don't be proud of losing it.
You can Never get it back.


I gave him Everything,
and He expects me to move on.
" Find someone else."
I really wish I could.


He thought when we started dating that it wouldn't last this long.

 It's almost our 3 month and I am so happy; I've found him.
I found him, so can you.

nmf/ my quote. ♥


When I fall asleep...

I feel you with me...♥



I'll never be what you want,
I'll never change any part of me,
Just to make you stay.♥ 



  With a love that keeps me warm;
In a world that makes us colder.



On October 27, 2011, a girl from My school was murdered. Her name was
Kelli O'Laughlin.
Our school and community came together very quikly and it amazed me. I am so happy to be living in this town that cares so much. 

R.I.P Kelli ♥ We love and miss you so much.

RIP Great Aunt Julie.

October 1st 1918 - October 26th 2011

♥ you will never be forgotten. ♥

I'm in love with a Paintballer.
and i've never been happier.

Mom starts chemo tomorrow.. 
Not sure what to do anymore.