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The name is Sam(: Cheerleading is my lifee<3 Friends && Family mean the world to me, i would do anything for them! I have a bestfriend and a sister(: i would be nothing without them<3 Im honest so ask me anything i will tell you the truth. I dont like bitches so if you are onee please just dont bother with me. Yes i am a cheerleader, but im not a bitch and stuck up thats so stereotyping. You can love me or hate me, it doesnt matter. I live easy.. party hard thats just who i am(: I take life as it is and whatever comes i try to handle. I am who i am and your opinion isnt needed(: I love to talk to so get to know me.
" In the Bright Future, you Cant Forget your Past"

Quotes by ExOhSam123

I Cant Get Out Of Bed Today
Cant Get You Off My Mind
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She Will Check Out Yours!!

Dont you hate it whenn..
You think you are going to have so many favorties on your quotes
but the next day its still at 0

You had your dreams
...I had mine
You had your fears
I was fine...
You showed me
...What i couldnt find
When two
Different worlds...
  When you are in Love you can't fall asleep  
....> BecauseRealityIsBetterThanYourDreams <....
after a while, you just want to be
with the person who never fails to make
>> you smile <<
every time i see your smile_
it makes my heart beat fast
and though it's much too soon to tell
>>>i'm hoping this will last <<<
is a 10 letter word so is,
[either way im recognized]