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The name is Sam(: Cheerleading is my lifee<3 Friends && Family mean the world to me, i would do anything for them! I have a bestfriend and a sister(: i would be nothing without them<3 Im honest so ask me anything i will tell you the truth. I dont like bitches so if you are onee please just dont bother with me. Yes i am a cheerleader, but im not a bitch and stuck up thats so stereotyping. You can love me or hate me, it doesnt matter. I live easy.. party hard thats just who i am(: I take life as it is and whatever comes i try to handle. I am who i am and your opinion isnt needed(: I love to talk to so get to know me.
" In the Bright Future, you Cant Forget your Past"

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B E L i E V E  i N  L O V E
B E L i E V E  i N  F O R E V E R

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 i thought i was over him
done with him then there he was standing there
and i couldnt breathe

He's all I can think about;
a n d    I    d o u b t    h e ' s    e v e r    g i v e n    m e    a    s e c o n d    t h o u g h t .
< / 3

the urge to text him*;; 
is like the urge to scratch poison ivy...
[(--> annoying, intense <--)]
but worth it in the end.   
This quote does not exist.
   you know that feeling? 
       the one where when his name comes
       butterflies      fill      your      stomach.
you feel afraid of losing him; before you even
   h  a  d    h  i  m   ;;  & everything  +  seems
        right with him. 
   his voice seems [ perfect ] to you, no matter
what other people say about it. your life could be
      |||    a   |||   complete   |||   mess   |||
but just a glance at a picture, or hearing his laugh?
  baby, it's worth it. &what do i call this
     little thing?           ++__ i call it love      <3
love the fact  that
h e     c a l l e d     a t
exactly   12:00  AM

s o   h e   c o u l d   b e
the  very  first  one
t o       w i s h       m e
happy  birthday

( Even though my two friends said it on
AIM right before I answered the phone
But . . .  I didn't tell  him  that  hehe :] )

&  if you love something
s   e  t    i  t    f   r  e e .  if  it doesn't return, then it was
n e v e r   m  e a  n  t   t o   b e .    if  it does, then
love  it forever ♥

no matter how much i try to deny it
there's ([always])going to be a part>>
of    me    that  
 will   never   stop
loving you.
How muchcrap you’veput me through. You
c o n f u s e me more thananyone does. One
dayyou love me, the next; you can’t stand me.
I can’t put up with your constant mind-changes,
and I’ve been torn apart by you. Every single day.
Sad thing is, you don’t even notice what you’re
doing. Even more sad?
I still love you.