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Heyy (:
---My name is Ruth Hernandez... But I'd rather like to be called Ruthyy... I'm like most girls on here... I love a guy.... Says he loves me... But breaks my heart... But I get through It and Get on with life (: Anywayyys like my quotes and follow (:

Quotes by FML2

0 likes- I'm ugly
5 likes- I'm okay
10 likes- I'm cute
25 likes- I'm pretty
30 likes- I'm beautiful
50 likes- I'm drop dead gorgeous :) 


I'm finally gonna see him! :D

It's been 6 years! D;

But the time has come!

Leaving to Mexico today and I'm gonna see him! :D

Ahhhh most people won't care of this....

But this mean A LOT to me!

I Love You All Who Actually Took The Time To Read This <3

Been hurt once.

Been hurt twice.

Been hurt three times?

No, at least not from you... Ever again...



All mine (: Please don't Jock

You had me.

You lost me.

Trying to forget me?

Ha. You're funny.


All mine, Please Don't Jock (:

___________went from being "in a relationship" to "single."
He just broke up with me <'3
Didn't even tell me, Just did it over facebook.... while talking to me <'3

Add me on facebook (:

"Ruthyy Hernandez"

Just send a lil message on there that says that your from witty (:

Then I know I'll accept fo shure (:

Why do so many guys play girls?

Like seriously?

Whats the Prize?

You got me feelin' lucky like a 4-leaf clover (;
---I'm into you.!

Mexico won their soccer game so now its....
U.S.A vs. MEXICO.!!!!

----I'm goin' fo Mexiico (:

I heard you're a player.

so let's play a game.

let's talk 24/7.

let's take walks together.

let's hang out with each other's friends.

let's give each other nicknames


talk on the phone all night.

and... whoever falls in love first?