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Quotes by FOREVERshine

Dear BrokenGirl323,
Please, don't commit suicide! Everyone loves you.. Everyone believes in you... and most of all we are putting all out hope in you. Please don't do this! There are people that want you to stay on earth a little while longer, people like me. I would miss you, I know I don't even know you or your life story, but I can try. I hope you are reading this, just like hundreds of other wittians. Us wittians don't like it when one of our family members are upset, and hun we are trying our best to help. 
Love, FOREVERshine

Wittians, If you could please visit BrokenGirl323's witty profile it would be apperciated! Give her some words of support. It only will take a moment of your time to save this girls life, she is planning on commiting suicide tomorrow. It is horrible what she has gone through, but she can make it through with all of our support!


If heaven wasn't
so far away.

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You know who they say muffins are ugly cupcakes?

I think cupcakes are just wanna-be muffins.
I don't watch foreign films...
if I wanted to read while people were talking another language I would take a book to the chinese restaurant.
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I'm the I in 


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The Keyring...
An invention created so that you can lose all your keys at once.


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I bet you never knew that if you pressed the Witty Profiles logo that it would take you back to the quotes of people you follow.

A- Available? Yeahh...
B- Birthday? January 6th
C- Crushing on? That one boy..
D- Drink you last had? Milk...
E- Easiest person to talk to? Kaylee..
F- Favorite song? There is so manyy! Umm.. Paradise - Coldplay.
G- Gumy bears or gummy worms? Gummy Bears
H- Hometown? Hayti.
I-In love with? Look at C.
J- Jealous of? That one girl.
K- Killed someone? Um.. you know.. there might be a cop around.. haha.. no I haven't.
L- Longest car ride? Probably 10 hours.
M- Milkshake flavor? Chocolate.
N- Number of siblings? 2..
O- One wish? There is a lot I could wish for.
P- Person you texted last? Connor
Q- Question you are always asked? Hmm.. I can't think of a question I am asked..
R- Reason to smile? Life. 
S- Scars? ..No..
T- Time you woke up? 7:45
U- Underwear color? Blue and White
V- Violent moment you had? I don't knoww...
W- Worse habit? Biting my fingers..
X- X-rays you had? On my neck.

Y- Yoyos are? The hardest thing I have ever tried to accomplish.
Z- Zodiac sign? Capricorn.

we always           wonder how
the other guy     feels about you
 the one who's always texing  you 
telling you goodnight in the long
messages he sends. whenever
you think the conversation is
over, he starts back up
again. thats when
you can tell its
h i m