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Quotes by FabulousCat

Salty tears and
Sweet Champagne
Do go perfectly
with this dish of
Shattered hopes
And deep dark fears


When I was building walls
brick by brick
somehow I forgot to put in a door
and now I'm trapped inside
looking through the mirrored window at the world passing by
I know I have to break the glass
but I'm so scared
of cutting myself on the shards.


A blur of colour blending
into the grey mass
surrounding her,
The girl in the red dress 
To forget.
A petal, fallen from the stem
whirling groundwards
with such grace,
One would 
she's more
than just a silhouette.

Because I gave myself away
A smile
A look

Mimicking these gestures

But what if
what if
I've just imagined
those twinklings in your eyes?

The hare hops over the hedge and kisses the fiery fox
The red who roams the streets thereupon shakes his head awestruck
Only to see his aggressor dissappear on the far end of the heath
A street lamp flickers -on off off on on off- and dies
Leaving the carmine carnivore quite alone in the dark
To pursue hasn't any sense
Still, to feel those lips again...

I could sit here forever.
but the train has reached the end of the line
and we must part ways.
I don't know when I'll catch that train again


The lamp flickers as the horse that forms its base turns his head towards me and winks. It always does that on times like these, those eternal seconds in the dead of the night, in which the mice dance the tango in the attic and the whole house is silent and listens to their feet toddling, when the thoughts keep on mulling over and under each other, crawling, pushing and pulling back, fighting to get to the best spot. There is no best spot, I’m afraid. But they don’t know. I don’t think they even want to know. I like to think they are perfectly happy in their ignorance. Unfortunately there is no bliss of that ignorance left for me. Alice has eaten the whole cookie. Instead, I turn on the lamp and the horse winks. Do horses wink? Is the one who has reached the balcony and sees that there is nothing left, no ballerina bowing gracefully towards a throne made of spoons that hasn’t had a new king to sit on it for far, far too long, not even a rusty sign that notes End of Road in bright pink neon, only nothing, shortly before he is tugged back again, as they all are, eventually. Silent and listen are composed of the exact same six letters. Coincidence? I think not. It is in these eternal seconds, when the mice are toddling through their tango in the attic and every thing, from the clocks to the books on their shelves, always standing tall, never sitting down, holds its breath just to hear the pattering of those paws, it is in this silence, that listening is hard. The jumbling battle to the end of the balcony is, because there is no such thing as a quiet conquest, accompanied by shouting, bellowing, and sometimes whispering. Those hesitant breezes carrying syllables in their purple mohair armchairs resonate the loudest, enforcing the cacophony of colours blending together into the tip of the prism. That prism spits it back out, adding the square root of a symphony to the discord and the tango above my head. The difference between the tango and the discord is the sum of the prism and the silent house. Find X. However, not listening is harder. I wink back.

Frozen streets shimmering with tears,
Shed by the lantern people under the disproving eye of frigid celestials.
The girl lights her torch while gazing at the stars remorsefully.
She didn’t want to steal their light; She really didn’t.
But she had to.
Reaching for the skies was an effort
Rewarded only with tears
And of those she had sown enough
In the surface of the ill-lit street.

Fleeting love
The best kind

That one moment
Eternity captured in
One second

Nothing has to,
Anything goes.

It doesn't have to be perfect.
And that's why it is.

It's in that moment you are the most beautiful
Eyes wide,
gleaming with fluid creeping up.
always up.
almost radiating
reflecting the whole world
pools that are filled
to the edge
dulling that image 
I dare you.
one drop
over the edge
and the moment's gone.