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Crismis5 8 years ago
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I like you because Flyleaf is my obsession. :D
DrippingWithAlchemy_ 8 years ago
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uflipmyxflop32 8 years ago
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hey ! soo im redoing my profile, and i cant do the link thing again ! wttf?! help me ? (:
idkxxbored 8 years ago
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Thanks for the advice. (:
lizzyisalime 8 years ago
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I very muchly like that Red song, btw.
I think that I am starting to litter your
comments so I shall shut up now. Hmm,
I have already written 4 comments here
that you haven't answered yet. This will
be the fifth. So yes. I better shush and
just go. I love you ;33
lizzyisalime 8 years ago
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I fear that I am losing you, Kayden.
I fear that you used me, as a replacement
for Cody. But then, she came back. So
I am no longer needed. But that is just
what I fear. It may not be true. I am happy
that you and Cody are friends again though.
It is sad when you two do not talk to each other.
live_like_a_dream 8 years ago
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Haha. Long time no talk D;
I haven' been online much those days!
Lol. My week was OK.
Wbu my love?
GAh, I don't really like this new witty O_O
Wbu? ;3
WritingSunshine5 8 years ago
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So You're Quotes Are Amazingg :)
I Just Thought That I'd Tell You That!
:)Keep It Up And Stay Beautiful!
lizzyisalime 8 years ago
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Ohh..... nevermind. I found it n.n
I was looking down the bottom, when
it is clearly right under the big
'FACELESS' thing up the top xDD
I am so stupid.
lizzyisalime 8 years ago
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lizzyisalime 8 years ago
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Okie Dokie.
I am now a kitty cat. :3
Lmfao xD

Yes >;]

Nono, it doesn't :3
I might make a video or something
and upload it. It isn't a sexy voice.
And nonono again. IT IS YOU who is
the sexy .

No, you just seem to find amazing
stuff when there isn't any. So I correct
you so you can see the annoying
side of it.

And no you dont. I love you the most.
More than you will ever love me.

:O MALAYSIA.Thats so cool n.n
BAHA. I think you've got the wrong
place. Geelong is not pretty. Its full
of buildings and cars and houses and
. I would much rather live in the
country. Or maybe the bush. My
dad lives in the bush. Not much of
Australia is bush anymore..

I think it stands for information technology
but I dont think thats what they're called
if they are doing that for a profession..
haunteddx 8 years ago
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Hai, how've you been? :3
xXWinnnnnnieXx 8 years ago
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Haha, Mine was epic...I deleted it though..O.o...
Kandiie 8 years ago
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ohay kay (:
i just wanted to say you've got amazing quotes, they're beautiful ♥
and you sound like an interesting person (:

ahah so yeah anyway have a good day, or night? depending on where you are ahah xo
PwinncessScarrxD 8 years ago
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Heey(: How are you? :3
augustiverde 8 years ago
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haaha thank you so muchh you're a genius :)
livvxyourxlifeee 8 years ago
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I'm honestly not trying to be annoying, but can you please follow me back, because I'm having a OCD freak out. I need to have my followers and following even, and you unfollowed me, but have no unfollow button so it's not even and I really can't even handle it.
Jaybay 8 years ago
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Hahaha well thank you dear.(:
lizzyisalime 8 years ago
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Nawh, I do not mind, my lovely ladybug.


Hah. I am good at confusing people. I will rephrase that for you:
I bet you aren’t stupid at all. I bet it is just the stupidity of others.
They just misinterpret what you’re saying and therefore think you
are the stupid one when it is actually them.

x] I don’t talk much to my family. Usually I’m in my room being a
loner u.u My voice is just... bleh. Not overly high, like, squeaky annoying
high, and It’s quiet most of the time, and yeah. I’m not very good at descri-
bing my voice >.<
And nononono. I MEAN YOU.

Me too. Thanks. ;3
Lolol, yes, those faces are just.. they’re the . C’x

:’O Maybe we should try eating some cake instead?

:’o You will believe me missy. I will use my magical powers to make you
believe me. :33

Nawh, thanks, although I must admit, my unpredictableness can be quite annoying
at times.

No, this is not the end of the argument. I will not give up so
easily. :33 I love you the mostest.

Ah, yes. Good Kay, they deserved that. :3 Mhm, Yush, I got kicked out
of my primary school for too many send outs. >.<
I find that quite amusing, although I’m not sure if I should or not. :3
Where abouts do you live [I hope that doesn’t sound stalkerish o.o]
I live in Geelong. In Victoria. e.e

xD Me too.

AWWHHHHH THANKYOU. When I clicked on the link and saw it was my witty I nearly fell off the bed. Then I did a happy dance. xDD

You, are by far, my favourite witty ever. I’m just not smart enough to
Make my profile look like yours n.n
haunteddx 8 years ago
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Sorry for the super late reply Dx
It sounds like you've had a bit of a rough trot
as far as schools go. I've only been to 2 in my life
but I almost want to move again. As I said, the
IB is the only thing keeping me at this one. :/
My school is a Quaker school (the only one in
the southern hemisphere) and so although it
is Christian, we don't pray or anything, we have
'silence' which is time to reflect. It's a bit weird,
and then at the end we have to shake hands.

Online friends are great, hey! My friends at school
think it's so weird that I have so many online friends.
They think they're all pedophiles or something.
I'm like, well I'm fifteen and I go on those sites, so
I'm sure I'm not the only one who does… I've even
met one of my online friends :3 I flew up to the
mainland to see her. Tehehehe. :)

Don't worry, I suspect him too. He's been a total
jerk lately. We agreed to be friends, and he's been
ignoring my texts and everything.. I really don't
need him. I've been talking to one of his friends
who told me it was his loss, not mine. And I actually
believe it. Besides, I sorta like someone else now..
who sorta likes me back :3 and d'awhh, thanks < 3

No, I really think you are wise! At this age, we don't
know what 'love' is anyway. People think these teenage
crushes and relationships are real love, but I for one
believe it's something we don't find until we're much
older… it's much more powerful and deep emotions
than what we think we feel now.