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okay so, for everyone who has been asking me about my story "ONE LAST CHANCE." 

i no longer use this account, i will be writing a new story, and hopefully you'll like it.

this is my new account:


there you'll find all my new stories :) 


i haven't been on in a while!
my new website is:

check it out!
my stories will be posted on there.

thought i was the only one .

but now i see that no, i'm not alone.
and you aren't either.♥


or someone else will .

i can run i can fly, you can kiss this thing good bye. 

                                                                         call me out & cry about the one that got away.

          can  stand, i  can fight,

  yes i'm breaking us tonight.           

sometime solutions
aren't       so        simple,

sometimes goodbye's the only way.

my    best    friend    is    heart    broken. 
she    doesn't    believe    that    she's    strong   enough    for    th i s. 
can   i    get   favorite's   to   show   her   that   she   can?

favorite    this    if    you've    ever   been   heart   broken.
i love you brin.♥

your black, white, beige chola  desent.
your lebanese, your orient!
whether life's disabilities:
>> left you out cast, bullied or teased. <<
rejoice & love yourself today.♥

cause baby you were born this way.

no matter gay, straight or bi.
lesbian, transgendered life.

i'm on the right track baby, i was born to survive.


cause i'll be up up and away, up up and away.
cause they're going to judge me anyway's!
so what ever.♥

can ι geт yoυr lιp'ѕ тo ѕpeaĸ мy naмe?
(cнapтer one тeaѕer)


i remembered how thing's used to be.

i promised i would never change who i was for some one else, i wouldn't let this world change me. but that all changed, because now i was in love with the wrong person because now the world has changed, i am everything i never wanted to be. i'd left behind who i was, i'd become so lost in a world filled with all the wrong people. people used to love me for who i was, i was different ! i didn't care what people thought about me, the word's they used against me never phased me and i refused to change for other people. but i lost everything, because i was in love with some one i was willing to change for. tommy was my everything at one point, he has soft black hair that fell perfectly around his shoulder's, his beautiful brown eye's could see right through me. we'd fight a lot, but i couldn't ever find the strength to leave him. his love was like a addiction, i always needed and wanted more and more. i was in love with him, so in love with him and i couldn't stand losing him so i let him use me. he told me that he never wanted to talk to me again, that he was in love with a girl named sam. i was so broken, so confused and so hurt, i felt the terrible ache of emptiness for month's. until finally we talked again, and for as long as i waited for that day it wasn't what i expected. he told me about samantha, how beautiful and wonderful she was. he made her sound almost angelic, he tortured me doing this. but i was so in love with him that i couldn't help it, it needed me for something. and that was enough to keep me hanging on, i was aware that tommy and i would never be, but it was a reason for him to want me, to need to talk to me. tommy's best friend was jacob, but that summer i found out how close jacob and i really were. i began to need jacob too, he made me feel something indescribable. he'd always say "hey beautiful" every time we were together, he'd hold my hand and smile at me we'd talk about our problem's and he'd listen to me though everything i said. jacob had seen me cry so many time's that summer, so many time's he'd wrap his arm's around me, pulling me into his chest and holding me tightly. it took that summer, and i knew i was in love with jacob.