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Hola im Jessica I love p.a.t.d, Fall Out Boy, Doctor Who, spongebob squarepants, hunger games And if u need any one to talk to: jeslovesyou195@gmail.com Or if ur just bored and wanna talk. I've changed since I was last on here.. I've self harmed... I've done things... had rumors spread about me by someone I thought loved me. Then I met him... I looked into his brown eyes and melted, Dakota is my entire life, he's my angel and he saved me. I almost lost him cause I allowed myself to believe I was falling for someone else. I stayed up all night crying and hoping I'd get him back. He gave me a second chance and now we're totally in LOVE!!!!

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You left me here all alone on this broken dark path. You were the light from my flashlight, now I'm left blinded and falling over remnants from my past. Knowing that I can't go back cause I'm haunted... knowing that every other guy seems obsolete compared to you. You were the reason for my smile and now I'm a sad clown. I know you meant well but at the same time I'm breaking. All I had to go on was the hope of us being together and now its pushed farther out of my reach. 11 months isn't that long to a average person, but to someone in love even a day feels like an eternity... I will wait because I love you with all my heart.
His parents told him that they want us to wait to be together till I turn 18. That's 11 months from now.. but I'd wait on him forever, so what's 11 months out of our entire lives? I love you, Bear
"Don't you worry your pretty little mind, people throw rocks at things that shine and life makes love look hard. The stakes are high, the water's rough, but this love is ours..." -Ours, Taylor Swift. Mine and my Bears song
Hey guess who's back?! I got my hair chopped really short and the front dyed purple. Oh and my cartilage pierced. I also fell for the right one...
Well hello there. Hey guys I got grounded for a while but now I'm back!! I missed you guys. By the way me and my boyfriend Tristen are back together ^_^ 6 months with that wonderfull boy! I'm happy to be back at last!!
So one of my friends is now dating my psychopath ex boyfriend. She thinks she this great matchmaker and I'm like *-* "Really?!" ALL ABOARD THE TRAIN TO CRAZY TOWN!!!!
Me and my friends had an emo day today where we all wore black instead of our usual bright, happy, and fun colors. We wore black for different reasons 1: to show our respects for the countless teens who have taken their lives 2: to show our true selves and to stop hiding for one day & 3: to just have fun
Do u like my costume... its called I don't give a flying fluck
You guys where to hear a true and sweet love story... course ya do! My grandma met a man when she was 18 or 19 they instantly fell madly in love with eachother. They went to Prom together and even eventually got married. But the man changed he grew darker and meaner. My grandma left him and a few years later met my grandpa. They had my mom and years later I was born. When I was 5 my grandpa died. My grandma was now a widow. 5 years later she gets word that the man's, from earlier, mother has died. She goes to the visitation and sees him for the first time in 25 years. They fall in love all over again. A few months later I got to meet him, he was the sweet, funny and smart. They got remarried. We found out that for 25 years he never dated anyone else. My grandma got cancer, beat it and 3 years later it came back and took her. He died one year later. True love does exist guys and it will find u like my grandma's did
Om my fluck people seriously need to grow the frick up! JUST BECAUSE I'M TALKING TO MY EX BOYFRIEND DOES NOT MEAN WE'RE DATING!! me and him have too much history for me to just stop talking to him. We're FRIENDS, that's it nothing more nothing less!! OMG rawr!! *sigh* sorry no one on here did anything I just needed to vent.