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i'm sabryna.
i love.
no one loves me.
let. it. roll.

Quotes by FallenRockerGrl

take your time; it's the only thing that's on your side.
theres ALWAYS a fish in the sea for EVERYONE.
they may not be the TOP ones tho..
you may have to do a bit of swimming and holding your breath.
even if you've gotta go ALL THE WAY down to the bottom for the
pretty ones with lights.
hold me, and hug me, and smile for me
&tell me you love me
theres no one else in the world
that makes me feel this way,
and i don't know wut makes
you're so specialbut i guess;
its the look in your *eyes*,
and the sound of your voice,
& the way you make me smile
So hug me, and [[hold]] me and say that you love me.
But >[above all]<
Boy, please mean it. <3

yeps, i did this one ALL BY MYSELF. =) and i'm EXTREMELY proud of it. =D
Her: "will you be my guitar hero?"
Him: "anyday."
He's my

~♥~Guitar Hero~♥~
Just one more chance,
Just one time,
I'll prove that I'm the
--one and only girl--
who will absolutly love you
♥ i could conquor the world with one hand

If you were holding the other.