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Love  is  like  a 


We keep pulling,

Someone lets go

and it hurts the one who held on.

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Yo whre u aaat gurl? sooo freakin hammered. come 2 briatneys. we gun get a whiite guurl wastedd.
Hi there, Random Intoxicated Person. While I would love to abandon my sobriety in the manner of a Caucasian female, as you so eloquently 
suggested, I am unable to do so. I have a woefully boring engagement known to many as a 'job', that starts promptly at 8 tomorrow, therefore I must decline your 
invitation. Nevertheless, I wish you all the best. Please extend my sincerest regards to 'Briatney'. 


da fk? lol ru drunk already?
Alright...Lets try this again. OMG GUUURL, U GOT DA WRONG NUMBER KAAAAY?


Let's favorite this for Eminem

The best rapper on EARTH.

Happy Birthday Big Guy.




Giving your friend a

'what the heck is this' look

during a test.


I hate it when my parents
tell me to get ready
and when I'm ready,
♥ they're not. 


 Telling your mom something you find hilarious

and end up getting yelled at.


To anyone that ever told you that you're no good,
they're no better.
-Hayley Williams

'Did you get a haircut?'
'No, I dyed the tips of my hair invisible.'

'Dyou get it now?'
'OH! Now I get it!'
'You don't get it do you?'


Fave if this ever happens to you.


Mom: How was school today?
Me: Good.
Mom: You always say that, how come you never give me a different answer?
Me: How come you never ask me a different question?