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i wrote these things when i was 14 and lonely, they are weird and cringy but i am glad they are preserved here. this is my time capsule. (04/11/20 check-in).

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It's September 1. I'm
going back to my real school.

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my ghosts have the summer
to run free
to rediscover
every crevice of me

they have been hidden away
for too long
behind my eyelids
and between my fingers

they are a part of me
and will be treated as such
i cannot hide
in my own walls

and i will relearn my life
every part of it
as it has happened
and as it will be

the mountains still stand tall
after earthquakes, and each rock
to have been loosened by the shaking
only leaves a new handhold to reach the top

to bring back these flamboyant

These Are The Things I Never Told You (IV)

There's this girl that I met (that I may have fell in love with) and she has the most amazing eyes, and the prettiest smile, and when she laughs it's Heaven and Hell, and sometimes I forget that I think she hates me.

And sometimes I wonder if I like (love) her because she reminds me of you, and of course I would fall (down a cliff and into a bloody pool, and I can't swim) for someone like you.
six seven yearoresolutions
I did this for 2013 and 2014 but until now I haven't been able to come back and develop some clear goals for 2015 but I think I feel pretty good about posting this now so here we go

-lose 15 pounds
-stop biting my nails
-be more popular
-get an A in phys. ed.
-cry less

-lose 15 pounds
-stop biting my nails
-do 30 squats/thigh exercises a day
-get an A in phys. ed.
-be less sensitive

-make an effort to be more attractive
-be more laid back
-get closer to [him]
-do 30 sit ups a day
-be happy

-do 50 sit ups a day
-be more open
-make more friends
-be happy

-cry less
-be happy
-eat more healthily

-run half a mile a day
-develop close friendships
-stop biting my f/cking fingernails

-maintain a positive attitude
-develop close friendships
-quit being an as/hole
-unf/ck my sleeping schedule

-eat vegetarian for a short period
-develop hobbies or something like forreal

-develop a healthier lifestyle
-make money and buy cute clothes and stuff
-be positive
-be nice to and friendly with everyone around me
-be outgoing
-purposely surround myself with the best people for me
-learn how cars work
i got to hang out with one of my best and oldest friends for the first time in four or five years im so happy
I have a dog. She is young and small and cries when I leave the room. I have a dog, and she is white and fluffy and wags her tail when I come home. I have a dog, she is still a baby and sometimes I have to feed her because she is fickle. I have a dog, but to me she is a person. She is a person because when I have started crying she is quick to lick away my tears, and when I worry she nudges her face into my shoulder until I laugh into her fur. She is a person because she has a personality, more of one that most people I have ever met, and she is my friend. Dogs may seem dumb and inferior but they are capable of feeling love and sadness, they can sense when things are wrong, and they can feel pain. I have a dog, but it does not take a dog-owner to feel love for one. Today I feel love for Angel, who had sadly passed due to the cruelty of others. Today I feel sick and sad, as I have discovered the true lacking of human nature. Today I hope that heaven exists, because all angels should get to go to heaven.

Happiness is like a mountain. You climb for days and days, drenched in sweat and with aching muscles, to finally reach the peak. It is glorious, gorgeous and memorising and you can see the entirety of the world below, beautiful and yours for the taking. But suddenly, you stumble. Unfortunately, upon a high mountain peak, a stumble is more of a fall, and thus suddenly you are falling. You are crashing and burning towards the ground, which whilst beautiful atop your mountain, is in fact cold and harsh and shattering. Suddenly, you are laying on the ground, the sky taunting you from above, and the mountain begging you to climb it. But this time both your legs are broken; you will have to crawl this time, and it will take you so much longer. Sometimes you may wish to give up, to simply lay on the ground looking at the sky and the clouds that blind you, but you must remember; the view from atop your mountain is always better than the ground and even if it takes days, or weeks, or years - you deserve to reach the peak.

you are not filled with stardust
or outerspace
you're filled with blood
and it's spilling out onto
the floor
your insides are spilling out
the floor

your first kiss and the time you
made your mother smile so hard
she cried and your 6th birthday
when you got every present you
wanted is dripping down
your arms and you're coughing 
up and spitting out every 
memory that ever made you
laugh so hard you couldn't
and the time you held hands with 
the boy you loved more than anything 
in the world
and its all melting into the tiles in your bathtub

those are not stars rushing out of your
it's you
and everything you are