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let's waste time, chasing cars
hi, im lina. i'm 13 years old, turning 14 nov. 30th 2013.
i take karate, love one direction, and am a crazy youtuber.
niall james horan is my hubby, so back off!

twitter; @lsbae99
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Quotes by FancyBitches

you can take everything i have, you can break everything i am, like im made of glass, like im made of paper!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
does anybody know how to delete a witty account?
please help..
i quit all nighting .. -_-

Tranna make it work, but man,
these times are hard

  I have no one to talk to about my feelings ...
Boss Bi/tch Tip # 1256:
Don't ever come
second in a guys life
knowing you can be first
in someone else's
I’m officially done trying. If you
want me in your life, you can come
find me. Until then, continue treating
me like I don’t exist.
i wish, i was good enough for you.