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Hey my names Vlad...well thats what everyone calls me, Im a proud lesbian, Im from Romania, My favorite color is black. (just throwing out useless facts) I love Marilyn Manson and Ozzy Osbourne. I have the greatest girlfriend ever and she loves me for who and what I am. As epic as it is, Im a vampire. I dont sparkle, im just like everyone else except that I drink blood. I study Egypt and cryptozoology and the paranormal. I have green eyes and black hair. I love writing stories and drawing. I love Ironman, Transformers and Monster Jam. Hellsing is my fave anime and my fave song is Coma White by Marilyn Manson...anything else ya wanna know just comment....

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                      Thank you melissa8910 and theMENTALIST
Im done. I can't take it any longer. No one cares anymore. Im sick of this world. Im sick of being a freak. Im sick of all the haters, posers, and as.sholes. Im sick of being rejected. Im sick of the lies. I just can't do this anymore. Now only one last choice... Bullet or blade?
...And so I forgot the world...
And all the drugs in this world won't save her from herself

                                            -Marilyn Manson
          I love Ironman. He's just wicked awesome.
I've been wanting to make an Ironman costume for awhile but couldn't figure out what to use and how to make the helmet. Does anyone know or have any suggestions on how I could make a costume?  All ideas are appreciated!! :)
                   Life is nothing we aren't
My cat is dying. I know it seems so childish to post something like this but no one really knows how much this cat means to me. I've had him since the day I was born and to this day. Its killing me so much. I love this cat. He always jumps on my bed in the morning to wake me up and always fell asleep beside me when I went to bed. He's been there for me to just hold onto and cry. No one truly knows how much it hurts to see him suffer. The worst part is, no one but me is trying to help him. I know it's life but it just hurts so much. If you read all that, thank you and I love you. I just had to get it out.
         I really don't think you know just how much I love you.